Mug Shapes

These are the 3 main mug shapes I used to make and they were all really shapely.

The paintings and sketches I’ve been doing require a more flat painting surface. I’ve been playing around with a bunch of different shapes and sizes. I’ll weigh out my clay and then see what happens at the wheel. Sometimes, my hands just make what it remembers…

And the rest of the time I make what I know I want.

Sometimes I do the same shape in different sizes to see what really is the right size for the right shape.

The shapes are all ideas but they don’t really seat themselves as a style until I do a series of them. I’ll take my favorite shapes and make a series. I weigh out the clay I need and make 5-10 of the same mug. Somewhere in that line a shape will show itself.

It’s similar to the original test though it may not be exact. I’ll work this way for all of my favorites and then we’ll see what emerges. In the past I get really hooked into one style and stick to that. Right now I’m thinking I want to do 2-4 styles depending on the painting I want to do. It might be possible that one mug shape gets only one style of painting. I have to get working in multiples to see what emerges and what works best. There will likely be a lot of one offs and super limited  pieces coming.


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