Then & Now – Serenity

There was a paint design that I always called Serenity. Most of the designs I had were plain descriptive or about the main flower/animal that showed up in them. For some reason, even if it was mostly what I said in my head, I called this design Serenity.


Last year I decided to bring this pattern out and add sheep to it. I’ve mostly only been painting sheep mugs for the past few years but I had a smidge more time on my hands and I wanted a more elaborate sheep pattern.


You can see even though I was using the same paints that the style had already started to change. Well, it’s changed even more now. I’m not sure I’d even call it by the same name but to me it’s got a similar feel.


In the past I worked to obliterate all notice of white in the designs. Now I really am embracing it more. This design may still morph some and more of the white might be lost but for now I love the shabby chic feel of it. Its not my usual style and maybe that’s why I’m drawn to it. It’s a little more subtle than I usually am.

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