My Life is Color

I spend a lot of time with color. With fiber and with pottery. It’s all about color with me. Not that I don’t like the natural look of clay or of a fine fleece, I just want to add a bunch of different naturals together at least. Really though, I’d rather paint it all.

This is a big reason why dipped glaze stoneware didn’t capture my attention for the long term. Sure I could have painted on it but majolica has always been a love of mine. I spend a lot of time thinking about color.

If I’m not painting fiber
or pots…

I’m painting watercolors…

or I’m just searching around looking for landscapes pictures.
Anything that will inspire me.
Not necessarily to inspire me to paint that picture exactly.
It’s all about the colors themselves that I can translate into some other piece.
Nature just seems to get it right, even when the colors are just value changes.

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