In the early 1950’s my grandmother started a Ceramic store. It was all cast products. She started one of the largest supply shops in the state. She sold casting supplies, paints, glazes, and held classes. I spent much of my childhood playing with clay and slip and paint. There was powdery ceramic dust everywhere. It was perfect.

It wasn’t until I was a teen that I was introduced to the potter’s wheel. It was love at first site. My parents bought me my first potter’s wheel when I was 15.

My hands may have been in clay and glaze since I was a small child but true love happened when I started to really make pottery by hand. Throwing on the potter’s wheel in particular but just forming clay by hand was a joy that I couldn’t even describe. It prompted me to go to college at Mass Art. Even when I’ve been away from the clay I am thinking about it. There is nothing quite so great as holding and using a great piece of tableware.


In my 20’s I started my first company “The King’s Pottery” while I was also working for my mom in the ceramic store that my grandmother had started. I worked that company for quite some time until I fell into fiber arts. I still kept one toe in the pottery making painted pots but the fiber arts (another craft given to me by my grandmother) kept me quite busy and the business name changed to Spunky Eclectic.

The call of clay cannot be ignored and I am done with my hiatus but keeping the business name I’ve used since 2001. I will be continuing with fiber as well. I’ve worked both businesses before and though it can be a challenge, my heart lives both in fiber and clay.


On top of that all, I’m also a farmer. You’ll see sheep, goats, ducks, and other farm creatures show up in my work quite frequently because of this. My work often pulls from my life. I love to paint with inspiration from the garden and my animals.