I’m working on 2 very separate lines right now. This one is one that my mom encouraged me to stick with. She fell in love with that first blue mug up there and said “Why can’t you have 2 different lines of pottery?”. Why not, indeed. I’m working on mostly hand made mugs, cups and planters that will be much like the 3 represented below. There are quite a few of the first ones in white clay that are on discount in my shop, HERE.


My true love is majolica. I’m working on applications for shows so those aren’t going to be represented on the website until all of my photos are done and the applications are ready to go. Until then you can see more of my work on Instagram as it’s created but here’s on of my favorite pieces:


To see more of the majolica line I’m working on pages that will show case each design grouping.
Flowers and Faces
Fruit and Veg

If you’d like to see my old pottery pages on the web archive you can click to look through my old “The King’s Pottery” website. Some of these designs and some of my more one off designs will be making an updated appearance in the new line of Majolica. I’ll likely blog about them a bit as I update my style. I still have a craft show booth’s worth of pottery left. Most of the vases went to a florist shop and many of the mugs are gone but there are still plenty of pieces that as I go through, I’ll list for deep discount and I’ll let you know. If something really speaks to you, let me know and I’ll put on my list to search for as I go through the boxes.